Contact us:                Principal: Mrs Joanne Dunne BEd (Hons) 
                Newtownards Nursery School,
                2c Portaferry Road
                Newtownards, BT23 8NN            Tel/Fax: 028 9181 5098            Email:

A 'VERY GOOD' School - ETI 2014

Meet the Governors


The Board of Governors control and manage the school, and amongst these many responsibilities they appoint staff, administer admissions criteria, determine the curriculum policy, control the school budget and constantly review child protection procedures.

Governors serve a 4 year term of office which is at present from 2014-2018. 

Board of Governors for Newtownards Nursery School:

Board Representatives:

                                       Mr Stephen Cassells (Chairman of Board of Governors)

                                       Mrs Jacqui Cummings

                                       Mrs Irene McAleese

DENI Representatives:

                                       Mr John Boyd (Vice Chair of Board of Governors)

                                       Vacancy (if interested please contact Mrs Dunne)

Parent Representatives:

                                       Mr Alastair Carson

                                       Mrs Lyndsey Hamilton

Teacher Representative:

                                       Miss Lauren Rutledge

Secretary to the Board of Governors:

                                       Mrs Joanne Dunne